A small manufacturing unit "Anuchem Polymers" started in 1978 grew gradually & slowly to become "KHATER GROUP OF COMPANIES". It has been quick to adopt in changing environment as well as a new field to add to the existing stable. This resulted in engagement of group in all the major industries called PVC MASTERBATCHES, Masterbatches for LD, HDPE, & PP etc.  & SPECIAL GRADE COMPOUNDS, EVA COMPOUNDS & MASTERBATCHES, TPR, TPU & NITRIAL RUBBER COMPOUNDS (Injection Moulding Grade), REPROCESSED PVC COMPOUNDS, SYNTHETIC IRON OXIDES, AUTO CONTROL CABLES, AUTOMOTIVE CONTROL CABLES, SPEEDOMETER CABLES, STRAND WIRES & WIRE ROPES and lots more to add. Working as a bridge between traditional and professional business practices was the motto of the group and still it is furthering the same.

  Although everyday new technology is galloping the market but as old remains gold, similarly an old technology can never be given-up. Although suitable new measures were adopted time- to-time. But blending of both traditional as well as fresh technology is the groupís motive because it is well said that  

           "The number one enemy of new technology is old existing one, but establishing balance between the both is the key strategy". 

 The group has a priority of serving both traditional as well as professional clients, which undoubtedly proved to be, fulfill in long run. Today our esteemed clientele are inland & overseas concerns.


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