The group has a complete team of people who are having craft in their heart areas. They all know how to focus their attention as much on where they are heading as where they are today. What distinguishes them from the pack is their ability to outline their business by maintaining a continuous pipeline of ideas to replace fading revenue streams. The groupís management headed by:-
bullet 1. Name : Kamal Singh Jain
2. Experience : 29 Years
3. Area of Expertise : Liaison, Management & Finance
bullet 1. Name : Chhater Singh Jain
2. Experience : 27 Years
3. Area of Expertise : Projects, Exports & Marketing.
bullet 1. Name : Shantilal Jain
2. Experience : 24 Years
3. Area of Expertise : Production, Personnel &Purchase.
bullet 1. Name : Rajender Kumar Jain
2. Experience : 19 Years
3. Area of Expertise : Marketing & Purchase.

bullet 1. Name : Prabhat Jain
2.Experience : 4 Years
3. Area of Expertise : Development & Marketing

  In typically obscure fashion group may call its organisational structure an "Integrated Decentralised Model". The goal of the group is to discover new markets by discovering hidden, even unorganised need and wishes. The each products of Group Company and every service rendered by it are a perfect mix of innovative idea and excellence. The group encompassed within its fold experts associated with the development of our products and services. 

   Invention of any new product in its laboratory and complete research over every product is the groupís best point of view. Due to this only group contributes its ability to meet the most precise demands of its customers. The sophisticated Research & Development unit for testing, quality control & for development of new recipies & products is the back-bone of product. Here it is needful to mention Mr. Kamal Singh Jain (Chairman) and Mr. Chater Singh Jain (Managing Director) is a perfect blend of expertise and visionary. 

    The objective of the Board is to keep the Management abreast of the latest developments in different fields. Perceiving the fact the group directed quest for knowledge is more successful the Board has been formed of selected persons from multifaceted fields. There are no supported staffs in formal sense because everyone handles their own administrative functions. 

  This type of structure works because companies do not actually make anything directly but it conceives and organize business and rest all is done with the desire of customer. Once a company becomes a customer of Khater Group, it becomes a partner and has right to develop the product or avail services accordingly. The group companies are as close to a pure information organisation as one can imagine.


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